At Integrity Divorce Solutions, we work with individuals and couples who want to cooperatively design an equitable divorce strategy, avoid unnecessary legal fees, and preserve family relationships.

 Our Philosophy

At Integrity Divorce Solutions our vision is to create a more efficient, affordable, and amicable divorce.  By providing thorough analysis, comprehensive reporting, recommended solutions, advice on negotiation, and mediation services, we transform challenging divorce situations into cooperative divorce agreements at a reasonable price.

We specialize in helping individuals and couples understand thier current and future financial landscape. We will guide you through the process of evaluating the short and long term financial impacts of your divorce - including tax optimization, accurate valuation of all assets, and the ramifications of any settlements you might consider. Our passion lies in helping you avoid the common financial mistakes made during this difficult time and design a cooperative divorce agreement that will safeguard your best financial future.

Stephanie's Story

I founded Integrity Divorce Solutions after experiencing my own challenging divorce in 2012. By the time my 22-year marriage ended, I just wanted out. I had wanted out for a long time and had finally found the courage to go. I wanted everything to be resolved quickly. I didn't want to deal with the emotional trauma anymore. So I just walked away and gave up pretty much everything we had built together. Our home. Retirement assets. Our family dog. Everything!

While my legal counsel was effective at navigating the legal procedures of divorce, he did not have the knowledge or expertise needed to guide me in understanding the future impact of the decisions I was making. And in hindsight, I can see that it really wasn’t his job anyway. Even as a financial professional, what I really needed was an objective financial expert who could understand the implications of my decisions and be the voice of reason when I was not able to act reasonably.

Having gone through the divorce process myself, I came to understand how broken our divorce system is in America. It takes far too long, costs far too much, and inherently creates contention. I felt there must be kinder, gentler and more affordable way for people to navigate the process and system. Through Integrity Divorce Solutions I’ve proven that, while divorce is rarely easy, a cooperative divorce can frequently be achieved at a fraction of the cost.

As your Divorce Financial Consultant, my mission is to be that voice of reason that helps you make better financial decisions, keep more of your hard earned money, and preserve your family relationships.


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