Creating a prosperity mindset - Everything I touch turns to gold.

Creating a prosperity mindset - Everything I touch turns to gold.

If you're like me you may have read many different self-help books which encourages you to change your attitude. I have read many different books from many different authors and never did any of the authors ever move me into taking action to change my thinking. It just seemed like everything I was reading was in a different language. I didn't know Spanish. I didn't know Portuguese. I didn't know French. But every book I read might as well have been in any of those languages.  Because honestly...I just didn’t get it.

Please don’t misunderstand me.  It wasn’t that what they wrote wasn’t true or valuable. It’s simply that I wasn’t ready for any type of prosperity message.  And in hindsight that’s probably the reason I wasn’t experiencing prosperity in my life.  My life was good.  But it wasn’t abundant.

I was then exposed to a phenomenal  speaker named Randy Gage. I heard Randy speak at an event and as he spoke his message completely resonated with me. Finally, the impenetrable mass between my ears had been compromised and I was “getting it”. 

After the event I loaded up with books he had written. The first I read, “Accept Your Abundance!” was the book that claimed my prosperity virginity.  Other books and authors had tried but none had been successful.  Randy Gage, I believe, wrote that book just for me.  While thousands of others have read it I am certain Randy had me in mind as he wrote every sentence.

One of the practices in the book talked about visualizing and speaking into existence what you wanted to create in your life.  And it was time for a practical exercise.

It was early 2004 and I was scheduled to take a trip to Salt Lake City to meet with the owners and founders of a new network marketing company that was launching soon.  Normally I would fly directly from Seattle to Salt Lake City and arrive just a few hours later.  For some reason (I am sure it was to save a few bucks) I decided to fly a different airline that took me from Seattle to San Francisco and connecting with another flight that ended in Salt Lake City.

My wife Sherri was taking me to the Seattle International Airport that day. My flight was scheduled to leave from Seattle early morning and after a layover in San Francisco I was scheduled to arrive in Salt Lake City at 3:00 PM. Since my meeting didn’t start until 7:00 PM I would have a few hours to relax before it started.  As Sherri and I departed from our home in the shadows of Mt. Rainier I chose a phrase that would become my mantra that day...and for all the days that followed. Everything I touch turns to gold. Everything positive. Nothing negative.

In my head I simply repeated over and over.  I thought and focused on it all day.  And magic happened.

The 55 minute drive to the airport in the early morning was a quiet one.  I hadn’t told Sherri about my “experiment” and in my deep thought I was not exactly being a great conversationalist.  She drove. I pondered. The tired rolled. And the universe prepared to rock my world.

I always arrive extra early at the airport. And this day was no exception. It was an opportunity for me to attract positive things into my life while I waited to board my flight. And it wasn’t long before I was able to experience what I was creating.  Approximately 30 minutes prior to boarding our flight one of the gate agents came across the public address system and announced they had downgraded the size of the aircraft for this flight.  This meant they had more people than seats available.  They asked for volunteers to take a later flight and offered two round trip airfares to anywhere in the continental United States as an incentive.  I made my way to the counter to inquire about the later flight.  They were proposing I take a flight out four hours later that routed through Denver rather than San Francisco.  My only question was when would I arrive in Salt Lake City.  The answer...6:45 PM.  Obviously landing fifteen minutes before my meeting started would be an overwhelming challenge to overcome.  

I know what you’re thinking.  And you’re absolutely right.  Since “Everything I touch turns to gold. Everything positive. Nothing negative.” was my mantra that day it was easy to make the accept their offer and take a later flight!!

Wait.  That’s not what you were thinking is it?

I claimed my two vouchers for free travel and departed for my new gate.  I called Sherri from the airport to share my excitement and let her start planning a trip for us.  But the voice on the other end of the phone line had more of a “you did WHAT?” tone to it.   She mustered up all the excitement she could but you could tell she was preparing for a call later that night saying I had missed my meeting.

With my new flight now departing nearly four hours later I had plenty of time to walk around the airport and browse and enjoy myself.  And all day I just kept reminding myself “Everything I touch turns to gold” and I had a good reminder because I had two free round-trip airline tickets to go anywhere in the continental United States good for up to a year...and it wasn’t even 8 AM yet!! I still had a full day ahead of me to manifest whatever I wanted.

Four hours later I boarded my plane for Denver.  I did all the normal things you do on an airplane but every ten to fifteen minutes I would remind  myself...

“Everything I touch turns to gold. Everything positive. Nothing  negative.”

As we cruised along at 30,000 feet the silence was broken when the pilot informed us that we had started our initial descent into the Denver International Airport.  I knew we had 30 minutes or less before we were on the ground in Denver and I needed to get busy manifesting to keep this experiment in full force. With all my mental muscle I manifested a flight leaving Denver earlier  than the one I was already scheduled to fly on.  When our wheels touched down and we began to taxi to the terminal I knew the results before they were confirmed.  The door to our aircraft opened and I made my way up the ramp to the terminal. I spied the departures and arrival board not too far away.  I found my original flight leaving a few hours later. And directly above that...another Salt Lake bound flight...leaving in 15 minutes!!

On a normal day I would have taken off running to the next gate to see if I could catch a ride. But this wasn’t a normal day.  I knew they were waiting for me. Although the airplane was parked at a gate at the opposite end of the terminal I walked at my normal pace. I even stopped along the way to use the restroom. As I arrived at the gate area the first thing I noticed was the emptiness.  There were only 2 airline employees at the counter because ALL the passengers had already loaded onto the plane.

I asked the gate agent if they had seats available on this flight. They had five middle seats left and although I really don’t like middle seats because of my size I asked to change my flights.  I received my new boarding pass and headed for the airplane. There checking boarding passes was a large black man.  As I approached he stepped out from behind the podium to greet me.  His words caught me off guard. He said, “now that you’re here...we can take off.” He might as well have said, “Kieran, we’ve been waiting for you.  Glad you could make it. Now let’s get you to Salt Lake City.”

I handed him my boarding ticket and it was then that the power of my own mind really set in.  This same man took my boarding pass and scanned it, handed it back and opened his arms.  He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me.  And then he said, “I love you brother.”  I know I was manifesting a BIG day but this was starting to overwhelm me.  I hugged him back.  Not a weenie hug either.  I hugged him back with a genuine sincerity and said, “I love you too.”

I am sure you’re reading this, shaking your head and thinking there’s no way this all really happened.  And that’s exactly what I was thinking when it was happening.  Upon boarding the plane and finding my seat I found myself between two petite ladies.  I had more room in that middle seat than I could have imagined.  As the pilot barreled down the runway and climbed into the sky for the last leg of this journey I knew there was still more to come.  I knew because...

“Everything I touch turns to gold. Everything positive. Nothing  negative.”

About halfway to Salt Lake City I had an ah-ha moment.  I realized I didn’t even know what time this flight landed nor did I know when my bags would be arriving.  Because they downgraded the aircraft in Seattle at such a late point they did not pull my bags off and put them on my new flight.  So as I flew in from Denver my bags were flying in from San different times.

I knew I needed to manifest a perfect ending to this trip. And I don’t think it could have happened any better.  After arriving in Salt Lake City I made my way to the baggage claim.  I hadn’t checked to see which baggage claim I was supposed to go to...and it wouldn’t have mattered. My bags were not on this flight!  So I just walked and repeated...

“Everything I touch turns to gold. Everything positive. Nothing  negative.”

As I got closer to the first baggage claim the buzzer and flashing light came on indicating luggage from arriving flights would soon be dropping onto the belt. I saw the first bag come out of the chute and start to drop down to the conveyor belt.  It was my bag! I didn’t break my stride. I didn’t stop. I didn’t even slow down.  I simply walked up and picked up my bag and continued on to pick up my rental car.  What are the odds that my luggage and I would arrive on two separate flights at exactly the same time?  I thought of the hundreds of people around me and wondered what kind of day they had. I wondered if they had any clue what kind of a day I was having.

I looked back and reflected on this entire day. What started out as an ordinary day ended up extraordinarily. I realized the power I had to create the day and life I wanted. It makes me think of a headstone you’d see at someone’s gravesite.  It would have their name. A beginning date (birth). An ending date (death). And in between those dates? Simply a dash.  But the dash IS your life.  What you do between those dates is the important part.

That day I had a beginning. I started on a flight in Seattle. The end was my meeting in Salt Lake City.  And in the middle?  A dash.  I can choose, and so can you, what happens during that dash.  My dash that day included two round trip airfares free of charge. My dash included an incredible moment with a total stranger in Denver...the large black man that hugged me like his own brother. My dash was one of the most incredible experiences in my lifetime. And I would much rather recount this powerful story rather than report that I simply rode in an airplane that day.


Kieran Murry
Co-Founder of Ignite-U 

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