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Cruise to Alaska with Kieran and Sherri Murry from Ignite-U Travel

If you are looking to take a Cruise to Alaska there are many great options and cruise lines to get you there.  One of those is Norwegian Cruise Lines. Learn more about Alaskan Cruises Here

In August of 2019 we sailed on the Norwegian Bliss with stops in Juneau,Skagway and Ketchikan (and a quick stop in Victoria,BC…thanks to the Jones Act).

So why is the Norwegian Bliss such a cool ship when you want to cruise to Alaska?  Well the ship itself is spectacular.  Although you’ll be joined by around 4,000 other guests it doesn’t feel like it.  The ship is large enough with so many different venues and attractions that you don’t feel crowded. 

Here are just a few cool things about this ship you may consider when booking a cruise to Alaska:

  • Insanely awesome OBSERVATION LOUNGE!  This ship was built specifically to sail to Alaska.  This observation lounge near the top of the ship wraps around both sides and the front of the ship. It has a ton of seating areas and they also have yummy foods they put out.  It’s all so you can sit back in comfort and warmth and watch the amazing wildlife and glaciers of Alaska.  We saw dozens of whales as we kicked back with breakfast and morning coffee.  This was one of our favorite areas on this entire ship.
  • Starbucks - Yes.  Starbucks.  On a ship. Enjoy your latte sailing through Glacier Bay and enjoy life.
  • Specialty Dining - Do you like a nice rib eye steak with all the trimmings?  Then you’ll want to visit Cagney’s.  Mexican food?  Fresh made guacamole at your table?  Los Lobos.  BBQ?  Q’s.  So there’s.  Way more.  But you get the picture right?  There are so many incredible food options it will make your head spin. And even if you never step foot in one of the specialty dining venues you’ll love the main dining rooms and the Garden Cafe Buffet.  All complimentary and all delicious.
  • Go Kart Track - Ok…so you probably won’t be doing a lot of this activity in Alaska…but this ship sails to Mexico and the Caribbean as well.  So go up top and check out the 2 story Race Track.
  • Entertainment - Beyond amazing.  Really.  You can see Broadway shows like Jersey Boys (one of our favorites) or specialty shows like Prohibition.  The talent is off the charts and in most cases…complimentary.
  • Adult beverages - When you sail with Norwegian Cruise Lines you get to pick amenities.  And guess what the most popular one is?  Yep…the one where you can have all the adult beverages you want without the extra bill!!  So we like to drink wine.  And it’s nice to order a glass…or multiple glasses…anytime throughout the cruise…and not worry about a huge beverage bill at the end of the trip.

Now here’s a few cool reasons you’ll want to cruise to Alaska based on our experience:

  • Cuz flying in a helicopter and landing on a glacier is just badass!  For real.  This was one of the coolest things we’ve ever done.  We took our friends with us and the 4 of us jumped in a helicopter in Juneau.  The pilot took us up to a glacier and gave us a fantastic aerial tour.  And then…he landed.  Now when you step out of a helicopter onto a glacier for the first time it’s like Neil Armstrong stepping onto the moon!  Because…how often will you get to do that??
  • For continued awesomeness we took a train out of Skagway up into the Yukon Territory.  Just amazing.  The history of the area, including the gold rush days, captivated the entire audience on the tour.  We definitely felt like we were on the final frontier.  The scenery was spectacular and our guides were extremely knowledgable. 
  • In Ketchikan we boarded the Aleutian Ballad on the Bering Sea Crab Fisherman’s Tour.  If you are a fan of the Deadliest Catch on TV, and I am, you will LOVE this excursion.  They have converted a crab boat to a tour boat so they can take you out and show you exactly how things work when these guys are out catching crabs.  You may see some whales.  And some bald eagles. Chances are you will see both.

Finally, here are a few reasons you will want to cruise to Alaska and maybe even sail with Kieran and Sherri Murry from Ignite-U Travel:

  • We’ve been there!  We can share with you some things to do.  
  • We’re going again! We plan on cruising to Alaska every summer.  We will be adding trips to Alaska on Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Princess.  That way we can find the best fit for YOU.  Each cruise line is unique and when you have questions we’ll have answers.
  • We create our own groups to sail to Alaska!  In August of 2019 we sailed to Alaska with 33 awesome folks.  It’s fun to have friends to travel with and it’s fun to meet new friends. And…the best thing about groups…is that we can typically get better pricing and amenities from the cruise lines when we bring them group business.  We’re going back in August of 2020 with amazing savings on the Norwegian Joy…the sister ship to the Norwegian Bliss.
  • We cruise ALOT.  We’ve done 34 now.  So if you haven’t sailed very much or not at all…you’ll love the fact that we have so much cruising experience under our belts.  We’ll help you navigate all the things that are unique to cruising.

When you are ready to cruise to Alaska we can help.  Ignite-U Travel is your one stop to help you create your next Dream Vacation.  

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