Business Networking events in Tacoma - What to expect at Ignite-U

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When you are looking for Business Networking Events in Tacoma you'll have many awesome groups to choose from.  But since you are on an Ignite-U website we'll just tell you about ours. :)

So let's say you've been looking around for a business networking group in Tacoma or the surrounding Pierce County area.  Maybe you've done some google research or perhaps you've talked to other business owners about where they network their businesses.  And somewhere, somehow you found...Ignite-U Networking.

You've discovered that our networking events in the Tacoma area are held in Lakewood at the Great American Casino.  And you've found that we have a Tuesday event from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm and a Friday event from 7:30 am to 9:00 am.  Now what?

All you need to do is show up and check us out.  You'll have no problems finding us once you come in ANY door at the casino.  Just follow the music.  The loud music.  The loud rock and roll music.  That's us!!

The first 30+ minutes at any one of our events is open networking.  And during this time you'll find 100-120 people in the room and we crank the music. It looks and sounds just like this...

There will be a ton of people for you to talk to and there will be a TON OF ENERGY in the room.  Just relax and enjoy yourself.  Say hello to people.  OH....bring ALOT of business cards.

I'll bet this looks way different than any other event you've attended so far right.  We are probably bigger.  Louder. And once you come see us you'll find out...we're a ton of fun.

So that's the first 30+ minutes of our netwoking event.  What's next?

At the top of the hour we get started with our "formal" program.  Everyone will be seated at round tables.  Up to 8 people per table.  Each person gets 3 minutes to share your business at your table.  Now if you were already nervous about standing in front of 120 people and doing your 30 second elevator pitch each week then you'll love this part.  You are only talking to a table of about 8 people!!!  Easy peasey right?  In 3 minutes you can go deeper into your business that with a 30 second pitch.  That's why we don't do 30 second pitches.  So this formal part will take about 30 minutes and it will look just like this...


Once we have the formal part done we have a 6 minute featured presenter.  This is one of our members who have requested to present their business to the entire audience that day.  Imagaine how powerful that is to be in front of that many people sharing your business.  How much does it cost?  It's included in your membership when you become a member.  More on that in a second.  But...essentially it costs you nothing addtional to be a presenter.  Many organizatiosn will charge you $500 to sponsor their luncheon and you get to speak for 5 minutes to a crowd smaller than ours.  We provide a great value for sure!!

After our 6 minute presentation we do what we call "Shout Outs".  One member will stand and call on another member and give them at Atta Boy or Atta Girl or what we call a shout out in front of the entire group.  When someone else does a 30 second commercial for you in the form of a shout out it's HUGE.  When you do it in an elevator pitch no one listens right?  We have a ton of shout outs so it may go for 10-15 minutes.

And finally...we are at the end.  Well except for 2 minutes.  And in that 2 minutes we tell you how membership works and what it costs ($49 per month).  When we are done you can decide if you want to join us.  No stress. No pressure.  If we are a good fit you'll know it.

You'll have many different option when looking for business networking groups in Tacoma.  We hope you'll come and check us and see if we are a good fit for each other.

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