6 Simple Activities to Get In the Game on LinkedIn

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It's time to get off the sidelines and down on the playing field, by proactively communicating with your professional network daily. Yes, I did say daily! You can have the most perfect and complete LinkedIn profile out there, but if you don’t have top-of- mind awareness with your connections or aren’t giving people a reason to seek you out, it’s just a pretty placeholder.

Building your online presence and displaying your expertise are crucial factors to leveraging the power of LinkedIn for your business. Here are six daily activities that will boost your business and attract interest:

  1. Post a status update
  2. Respond to messages (inbox)
  3. Respond to any invitations to connect (inbox)
  4. Invite people you’ve met to join your network
  5. Review the Updates section on your home page
  6. Give or request a recommendation

Reading this list may cause a little anxiety and make you wonder how you are going to fit these activities into your already-packed day – am I right? We all have so much to do and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the marketing activities that you “could” be doing. So how do you decide what’s really important and maximize the marketing time you do manage to carve out of your busy day?

The key to making your marketing manageable is to follow a simple system, with specific activities, and set a daily time limit to accomplish the tasks. This allows you to maintain a vibrant daily presence online by adding value to your network , and no more wasted hours chasing random activities!

I’ve created a simple 15-minute daily LinkedIn checklist that provides the key activities to keep you visible and allows you to easily manage your online reputation.  Click here to start using it today!

“The results I’ve had with Karen’s LinkedIn training have been both measurable and phenomenal. My exposure has increased exponentially, my clients are engaging with us as never before and I’m accomplishing it all in 15 minutes a day.” Laura Martin, Red Rover Promotions

Now, the most difficult challenge is keeping this new daily LinkedIn habit, without letting it fall by the wayside as just one more thing you “should” do each day. There’s a popular theory that it takes at least 21 days to build a lasting habit. A system of daily repetition builds a memorable new routine for you, one that’s easy to accomplish, stress-free, and delivers real results. There’s no magic bullet in mastering LinkedIn for your business success, but rather it’s the consistent daily actions you take that will truly boost your business.

Have you heard the job about the best way to eat an elephant? One bite at a time! So in lieu of asking you to gobble up all these great LinkedIn strategies in one sitting, I’m suggesting we take it slow and take just one bite a day. That will allow you to digest these powerful activities bit by bit, so they have a lasting effect and create a satisfying ongoing result.

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