Xp3 Fuel Enhancer


In short, Xp3 deals with the issues created by today's degrading fuel quality. Here is an overview. 1) Cleaner, higher fuel burn, increasing mileage 10%+, and reduces emissions up to 50%. 2) Removes water from the fuel system. 3) Lubricates the engine with a metal impregnating resin component. 4) Prevents algae and bacteria growth in the tanks with a biocide component. 5) Cleans varnish and carbon out of the upper engine. 6) Keeps fuel liquid with anti-gel component up to -40 degrees F. 7) Stabilizes fuel indefinitely. Just agitate every 6 months. Soft savings; 1) Less stops for fuel and maintenance. 2) Longer engine life. 3) Eliminates de-scaling, saving down time, dock time, labor, and hazmat disposal. 4) Less washing because of less soot. These are measurable results. Xp3 has been on the global market for 25 years, 4.5 billion dollars in sales, with international clients such as; Pepsico and Hershey's, and locally; Sumner School District and the Army Corp of Engineers. It has only recently been introduced to the US market, due to the rise in fuel prices.

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