benefits of a professional lawn care service

Your lawn and landscape need ongoing attention to stay healthy. That's why TruGreen provides science-based solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. When combined with proper mowing and watering techniques, these services can maximize your lawn’s potential.

As the leader in the professional U.S. lawn care industry, TruGreen is uniquely equipped to help you achieve a lawn you’ll love. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits you can expect from an expert lawn care service like TruGreen.

Proper mowing and watering techniques are the first step toward a healthier lawn. But what’s next? Fertilizer? What kind? Weed control? How much? And when? The truth is, lawn care is a complex science. But many homeowners rely on trial and error and end up frustrated, never reaching their lawn goals.

An expert lawn care service, like TruGreen, can remove the guesswork and get your lawn on the right path, right away. That’s because TruGreen specialists have the training and expertise to recognize your lawn’s specific needs. We know if your lawn is low in phosphorus, or if your pH is too high, or if lawn damaging insects are threatening your grass. And we’ll take a tailored approach, making sure your lawn gets exactly what it needs, exactly when needed.


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1 Review
Kieran Murry Kieran Murry
My lawn has never looked better.

In the 20 years that I have owned my home I have never done anything with the lawn...except water it and mow it. Finally this year we asked Mike from TruGreen about actually treating our lawn. I can tell you that our lawn has never looked lusher, fuller and greener. The weeds are disappearing and overall it looks fantastic. I'd highly recommend calling these folks if you want a gorgeous lawn.

September 2017

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1 Review



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