Take the Ache and Pain Out of Sitting for Long Hours.

SITTS cushions are ideal for office professionals, students, long-distance drivers, commuters and others who suffer frequent back, neck and shoulder pain as a result of incorrect posture, sciatica, osteoarthritis, tailbone fractures, degenerative disk diseases and other chronic conditions.

Sedentary, seat-bound Americans are experiencing an epidemic of ergonomic-based misery.

If you sit improperly, you’re probably experiencing significant neck, shoulder and back pain or you wouldn’t be here right now.

If you’re here because someone else you know is in wretched pain, it’s probably just a matter of time before your own discomfort will prompt you to take similar action and straighten up, too. Unless you start sitting properly again—the sooner the better—you’re likely to find yourself facing the same sad result.

Heartbreaking pain is so avoidable!

Any pain in the back, neck, shoulder, and hip tend to originate at the pelvis. Why? Because people tend to sit with their spines positioned somewhere between a C and an S shape.

C-shaped sitting is slouching, causing vertebrae to misalign (ouch!)

S-shaped sitting provides optimal stacking of vertebrae (feels good!)

Back in the day when good posture was promoted and enforced by parents, teachers and other concerned influencers, children were conscientiously trained to sit properly. Remember?

SITTS puts the pleasure of perfect posture and spinal alignment back in your court.

SITTS cushions are addictive because when your pain disappears—often within minutes or days, but always by month’s end (or you get your money back!)—you’ll get hooked on being pain-free and on the additional benefits of the cushion:

  • Body composition often changes for the better 
    (encouraging weight reduction)
  • Core muscles get stronger
  • Circulation  to soft tissues improves
  • Resistance to inflammation increases
  • Legs feel better
  • Breathing becomes freer (lungs don’t have to compete for 
    room to expand)
  • Mood improves
  • Focus turns from “enduring pain” to the activities you need, 
    want and love to do
  • Long-term sitting becomes comfortable and pleasant again
  • Spinal, cervical and thoracic alignment all improve
  • Shoulders, elbows, and neck also get the relief they need 
    to keep you comfortable
  • Sitting for meditation becomes easier and less distracting
  • Productivity increases
  • Retrained posture = orthopedic win!



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