Offering unsurpassed instruction toward understanding the art of fly fishing.

We offer individual and group lessons for beginning, intermediate, and advanced fly fishers of all ages.

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Whether You want to take up fly tying to cut the costs or want to try and increase your involvement in the finer details of the art of fly fishing. 

Our beginner to advanced step-by-step courses will have you tying flies and understanding the integrated part of the whole fly fishing picture.

The Seamwater fly fishing journal delivers all things fly fishing, seaming top-notch articles, tips, photos, videos, podcasts and the latest fly fishing news.

Regular features include articles which will make you a better angler, and our video section, made up of the best videos from around the world.

It all flows down to applying practical principles.

It’s our drive to help build confidence in the art of fly fishing and deliver highly effective fly fishing principles that are clear, organized and easy to remember.


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United States

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