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At Sandstone Distillery, we hand-craft each batch of spirits from Washington-grown grains, carefully fermented and artfully distilled at just the right moment to bring the finest of the spirit to your bottle...spirits worthy of the Sandstone tradition!
(21-yrs+ Please imbibe responsibly)



The Sandstone Tradition 

We start and finish our spirits with pure, fresh, Pacific Northwest water, drawn straight from the earth at our estate distillery, tasting the way water should - fresh and clean! 

And true to craft, we use only Washington-grown grains ~ freshly ground, artfully fermented and deliciously distilled to bring the very best of Washington to your bottle. Come experience fine spirits, expertly hand-crafted.

Award-Winning Sandstone Spirits 

Stone Carver Vodka 

Our Award-winning Vodka is smooth and full-bodied. Slightly sweet, it retains the delicious grain flavors imparted by its wheat and malted barley base. "This Vodka is accessible, friendly, and fun!" (2016 Silver Medalist American Craft Spirits Association, 2016 Bronze Medalist Seattle International Spirits Awards) 

Stone Carver White Whiskey

WINNER OF THE SEATTLE INTERNATIONAL SPIRITS COMPETITION DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL! This clear spirit is a flavorful, bold, un-aged whiskey artfully hand-crafted from Washington-grown grains, fermented until the time is just right, and distilled into a whiskey worthy of barreling. But Stone Carver White is reserved instead for those wanting the "just off the still" experience. Sip and enjoy! 

Stone Carver Gin

Sandstone's Stone Carver Gin is made in the New World, or Western style. Light on the nose with soft juniper, it is bright, crisp, complex and refreshing. Employing nine different botanicals with flavors ranging from herbaceous to sublime, we’re sure this Gin will embellish both your classic and new-world cocktails. Equally delicious simply poured over ice and enjoyed! 

Stone Carver Black Gin(TM)

Mysteriously dark and delicious in flavor, we invite you to enjoy this distinctive licorice-laced gin. Excellent in your favorite Lime & Licorice recipe, or simply sipped cold, dark and refreshingly delicious. 


Talk about full circle! We craft our Bacon-Infused White Whiskey using the bacon from the hogs that ate the spent grains that went into making the White Whiskey... whew! This is the REAL DEAL, not some chemically-produced bacon flavor! This proprietary spirit (crazy-good Bloody Mary, here we come!) is now available at the distillery only! 

Andrew's Hammer (TM) 

In honor of stone carver and adventurer Andrew Wilson, that Scottish teenager turned world traveler turned shipwreck survivor turned Tenino quarry owner turned Washingtonian, may we just say? WOW, this is one crazy good, high-proof whiskey! Formulated for the Pacific NW equivalent of a "Spanish Coffee"( aka the "Cascadian Coffee"), this full-tilt 120-proof white whiskey embodies all the grain-laden deliciousness of our 86-proof version but with a decidedly adventurous bent. 

Vapor-Infused Vodkas 

Award-winning Stone Carver Vodka embellished via the magic of vapor infusion - what could be better? Start with the a batch of viscous, delicious Stone Carver Vodka and stuff the "gin" basket on the column with handfuls and handfuls of fresh-from-the-farm herbs, and what do you get? Flavorful bottles of vapor-infused spirits ~ Rosemary, Corsican Mint, hand-picked Blackberry, red-hot chili pepper, and oh so many more! YOU can be a part of the Sandstone 375 SpeakEasy Club and receive the first bottling of our vapor-infused Vodkas every 6-8 weeks, before they become available to the general public. Recipe cards and complimentary syrups included. Email us at: to be a part


842 Wright RD SE
Tenino, Washington 98589
United States

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3 Reviews
Angie Whitten Angie Whitten
Puyallup, WA
Top Shelf

Bacon Whiskey.... need I say more? Their products and service are top shelf for sure! Try the bacon whiskey in a bloody mary - it's the best!

October 2017

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Cat Redinbo Cat Redinbo
Lakewood, WA
Perfect for Gifts (and hard days!)

Truly a fantastic distillery- the tour was fun and educational. Who ever heard of Bacon Whiskey?? My favorite thing, though, is the attention to detail- from the beautiful bottles and labels, to the great tasting product, I couldn't be more pleased. 5 stars from this Whiskey Girl!

March 2017

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Sandstone Distillery

If you want to learn how to make vodka, gin, or whisky take a drive to Tenino and visit John at Sandstone Distillery. It is worth the drive and take lots of time for the tour. But its not just about the booze you also learn how they chose their name, see antiques from the quarry, and get to taste a lot of smooth alcohol. Caution don't do what we did, visit on a empty stomach. The hardest part is remembering all the information (especially after the tasting). Program your GPS since he's in what we used to call the sticks. I got some cast whisky, bacon flavored white whisky (ask John about circle of life on this whisky), and black gin. You will not be disappointed.

November 2016

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3 Reviews



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