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Relief Bed International provides innovative and Strategically built beds to impoverished People and disaster victims worldwide with a special focus on homelessness in North America.

Relief Bed International® founder and innovator Scott Smalling spent the last 30 years in the bedding and specialty foams market. Most noteworthy in his career, Scott was the original founder of the ComforPedic® brand which manufactured and marketed premium priced memory foam mattresses. While at the helm of ComforPedic® Smalling felt most fulfilled when he was leading outreach and disaster relief projects throughout the US.

In early 2015, Smalling felt a prompt in his heart to create beds that could be enjoyed by everyone, especially those that don’t have a bed! Relief Bed® is the realization of that dream for Smalling, whereas, he could combine his expertise in providing better sleep with his passion for helping others.



3500 B 20th Ave E
Fife, Washington 98424
United States

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