Real Results Academy


“100 Years in a Healthy Body is What You Deserve!”

At Real Results Academy we do One thing!

We help busy executives eliminate 30-60lbs of fat in 6 Months

“We provide Real Results for people who “Don’t have time for Fitness””

How do we do that, you might be wondering?

  • By giving a crap about you and holding you accountable
  • By making it Simple and Strategic
  • By Believing in you and Supporting you Daily

While we all know that the keys to success in health and fitness are Eat Well, Exercise Often, and Get Enough Rest…

Soooo many people still struggle to lose the weight they Need to lose, and are living in an unhealthy body that just will not last…

We are so obsessed with the hustle to achieve, we forget to make our health a priority…

Well, That’s why we are Obsessed with helping you Get your health back!

Here’s the deal, you need to recognize your weaknesses and outsource them.

If fitness isn’t your strong suit…

Put someone else in charge of you getting in shape!!!

Why Me?

Well, I am a Former Fat Guy…

I know what it’s like to wake up every morning and be embarrassed by what I saw in the mirror.

I have felt the pain of wanting to take my shirt off at the beach, but not doing it…

When I was driving one day, I noticed the bottom half of the seatbelt had slid up under my stomach…

That is not ok!

I new I had to make a change…

I know the pain of being at an unhealthy weight, which is why, I am 100% committed to helping you achieve and maintain your Ideal Physical Goal.


My life’s work has been my Magnificent Obsession with Fat Loss over the Last Decade. I know That I can help Anyone Lose Any Amount of Fat they want, and achieve the exact level of health and fitness they truly desire.

That’s why I created Strategic Fat Loss Coaching
The Simple System to Streamline the accountability and Implement the Tools you need to see Real Results that Last!!!

I know, I know, Now isn’t the right time…

you’ll get to taking care of your health eventually…

But When?

Someday is the path to Nowhere…

You are too busy….

We understand, and that’s why we’re here to Help!

It’s called Strategic Fat Loss Coaching.

  • A Simple system that combines High Accountability and The Tools Necessary
  • Customized to you
  • Strategically and Systematically Implements the health habits into your life that will create Lasting Change

Listen, Nothing is going to change until you Decide to Make a change…

If now is that time for you, Don’t leave the site of this Decision without taking an Action in the Direction of your Decision!!!

Push This Button to:

Schedule your Free FatLoss Consultation

C’Mon, what do you have to lose…. Except all that unwanted, unnecessary, unhealthy, unattractive Fat…

I’m With You Bro.. Let’s Freakin Do This!!!!


Puyallup, Washington 98374
United States

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