Proactive Spine Care


Experience the ProActive Difference for Tacoma Spine Care.

If you have tried other forms of treatment for back pain, neck pain, or other muscle and joint problems and are ready to see what great chiropractic care and other effective natural therapies can do for you, we are here for you.  Even if you have tried care with another chiropractor before and need some “new school” approaches, we invite you to see how we can make a difference for you. We are more than just another chiropractor clinic. We provide state-of-the-art rehab, soothing massage therapy, foot and orthotic correction, sports care, core and balance training and much more.

We have had helped so many patients in Tacoma, Fircrest, and University who have tried traditional therapies that have failed, including medication and back surgery, expensive physical therapy, and old-school chiropractic.  We provide a fresh diagnostic perspective to find out what has been missing, customize care an individual care plan for you, and aim for a better recovery and full return to an active and pain free lifestyle.  We aim for the fastest and best relief and recovery for you.  That’s the ProActive Difference.

If you are looking for rapid back pain relief, neck pain relief, whiplash specialist chiropractor, injury chiropractor, sports chiropractor, or a family health and wellness chiropractor, ProActive Spine Care is for you!


1033 Regents Blvd #240
Fircrest, Washington 98466
United States

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