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NPUSA promotes worldwide wellness through superior nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. For more than a decade we have developed and marketed science-based nutritional supplements. Thousands of families now enjoy healthier lives and improved lifestyles with NPUSA. NPUSA products are distributed exclusively through our network of loyal Affiliates who promote healthy living through personal example and enthusiastic endorsement of the NPUSA products and lifestyle philosophy.

New to America, but not new to the world is the opportunity for you to enjoy a nutritional supplementation available in Asia for more than a decade. NPUSA products are not merely another wellness supplement. It is a product of Japan, carefully conceived, designed and produced by skilled scientific artisans. A masterpiece in itself, ingredients are prepared infusing the Japanese traditions of “monotsukuri” (i.e., craftsmanship) and “wa” (i.e., harmony). Ingested, the ingredients work harmoniously with the body to help maintain overall health. NPUSA products are specially designed for specific purposes. Each contains a well-balanced formula of ingredients that work alone and together synergistically and are products with characteristics that create added value for the business opportunity as each is a product that is truly unique in the market.


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