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Derrick Woods, Founder
People ask me all the time, “Why did you go into essential oils?” That’s when I talk about little Sammy. He had a tough time the first 18 months of his life. He never slept through the night and neither did his parents, some people call it croup, some people call it acid reflux. We had no idea what we were going to do. We were a newly married couple, we had two other kids that had to go to school. We were very about Sammy and very worried about our young family that were we trying to build. A friend of ours came over and she asked what we were doing about Sammy’s reflux. We were giving him Zantac that the pediatrician had recommended. She suggested we try something different. She put a drop of peppermint essential oil with a drop of lemon essential oil and put it in a spoon with coconut oil. He ate it happily! And then he slept through the night. It was a major realization for us that there was something more out there that could help us care for our family. We had always thought there was only medication and doctors and if they did not help, then you just had to suffer. We made a decision that would improve Sammy’s life and our lives. And it has. So now we are taking it to the next level, not just using the oils for our family but putting essential oils into to the hands of more people through N8 Essentials and social selling.

The last four years of my life had been spent building a company with retail locations and a manufacturing business to improve the lives of tobacco users, people with emphysema, COPD and other breathing problems. We saw the almost immediate improvement that we were making in people’s lives. Kalisha and I were asking ourselves what more we could do to spread the blessings that we have. I took a look at the structure we had created and then we started talking about the coconut oil, and the lemon essential oil and the peppermint essential oil. And we knew that we had found our next step.

We looked to certified organic essential oil because when I really began researching essential oils I discovered that the purity of the oil is very important to the efficacy of the oil. We were not just using essential oils because they smelled good. We wanted to have the most pure and potent essential oils. There is no agency or third party that is monitoring the essential oil industry and you just have to trust a company to be honest about its oils’ purity. We don’t want you to just trust us, we wanted to have an organic certification so you knew our oils were produced without pesticides and not adulterated during distillation. 

We hope you join my family in using natures science and turning to N8 Essentials for your Essential Oils, Blends, Personal Care Products or a business opportunity that can change your life.


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United States

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