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The founder has been formulating supplements for 3 decades. This is the first time he is coming to market with his own brand and is very passionate about it. People who know him personally will certainly tell you that he genuinely loves helping people and finds a reward greater than you can buy in having emotional feedback when people feel better due to his input. There is an intimate relationship forged when you heal or help people through tough times and now it is time to expand that to the world. The goal is to gain many of these relationships worldwide… cool is that??!!??

What we are not; We are not an MLM (multi-level marketer, pyramid, down-line business, network marketer or whatever you call them these days) or a company who uses guerrilla tactics to make money. We know that it can be annoying to have over-hyped products pushed at you with a vengeance because someone went to a retreat or seminar and wants you in their down-line or is throwing out a story about a magical pink plant in one secret valley in a Peruvian jungle or a purple lipped unicorn that lives underwater where a magical elixir or extract was discovered and will cure virtually all that ails you. We know what it feels like to look at “proprietary blend of….” labels not fully informing you as to how much of something is in a product or why it is even in the mix. A lot of products under dose the best ingredients and disregard the clinical dosing studies (for the love of money…sheesh). … We are not that company.

What we are; We are a company that will tell you EXACTLY what is in our products. We will cite our claims and these will be backed by studies and research. Although it’s fun to hype a product that you are biased towards (and this can be great for profit in a company in the short term), we want long term relationships with our customers and we want YOU to hype our products because they WORK. We want to be part of your life and we would LOVE to hear about it from our customers. Your positive feedback is our greatest reward and also our greatest learning tool.

With this as our mission, we will bring to market what we feel is a worthwhile product that will help people with life’s journey. We want people to live a great life novel and if you are immobile, in pain or not happy, it would be hard to truly create the chapters that you want to live.


Sumner, Washington 98360
United States

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