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I am a Mentor.  Mentor and Life Coach are often used synonymously, but there is a key difference.  A life coach assists you to identify the areas of your life that you would like to improve and points you in a direction to do so.  A mentor is someone who has already walked the road that you are aiming to travel and can walk with you there through facilitating discussion, action plans and support.

As mentor I have gathered critical information on how to forge pathways to success. Please read below to learn more about me and what I have to offer you in realizing your dreams and goals.

Through being a best-selling author, healer and mentor, I assist people in physical and emotional recovery.  I use many modalities with some in person, such as body and energy work.  The career and general life mentoring can be done in person or over the phone. I use mentoring tools that are customized to each individual and belief breakthrough tools to assist to clear limiting beliefs that hold people back from growing and living their passion or dreams.

I am a licensed massage therapist, Registered Nurse, ordained minister and hold a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. I am also a certified belief breakthrough coach.

I have been a mentor for nearly 30 years as a nurse, I have mentored my clients through medical, physical, emotional and life changes due to illness and injury.  I have assisted people who have needed a new focus and direction to see their value and know their purpose.  I am ready to assist you to make your life joyful and live with intention. 

I have had a long history of personal health issues, many of which I have discovered have been related to long held beliefs such as, “I am not good enough,” “I don’t deserve things,” “I am supposed to be strong, so I cannot reach for assistance" and several others.   Do any of these ring true for you?  I have been able to clear all of these issues using the belief breakthrough tool and working with mentors.

Belief breakthrough is a tool I use every day to reprogram beliefs that do not work for me. When something is too big for me to work through alone, I reach out to belief breakthrough coaches and mentors for assistance. 

Each one of us gets to choose how we live the moments in our lives, each and every day. I choose to live in my power and create amazing things, even miracles. I choose to ask for and receive the support of my husband, family, friends and mentors.

How you are you going to choose to live in each moment? What are you creating moment to moment? Are you creating moments you love? If not, why not?

Belief breakthrough and powerful mentors have changed my life. I invite you to step into belief breakthrough and mentoring as I have and experience the life of your dreams.  I love my life!!!!



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