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Having worked for multiple companies as well as owning my own. I have provided training for up to 140 sales people providing multiple aspects of sales. Results driven and professional, the better my agents were the higher the bottom line. Close to $50 million in sales from self-generated leads. As a Realtor, I am a road warrior, exceptional time management, verbal/written communication and interpersonal skills.

1. Lead generation; cold calling, marketing, and sphere of influence.
2. Database management; populating your database, maintenance, and mining. How to work your database to generate warm leads. How to automate your database for a 31 touch program designed to give you the maximum lead generation and exposure through follow up.
3. Marketing; website development and SEO, social media as a means for building your business, blogging, and PPC.
4. Leveraging your time through the use of personal assistants and the beauty of outsourcing.


Gig Harbor, Washington 98335
United States

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7 days a week! I hate working weekends so I have buyers agents that you will love! I schedule around my family, so I might not be available when you think a normal agent is. I will be there for you and everyone of my clients will tell you the same.


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Bob Ingram Bob Ingram
Fox Island, WA
Brady Howard knows marketing

I met Brady Howard a week or so after he moved to our area. He didn't know anyone. I've watched as he's built an incredible network of people who love him in just a little over a year. I've seen him build his real estate business from scratch into a robust, successful brokerage. Truly amazing. Brady's a talented guy. Do yourself a favor and schedule a one on one with him!

July 2016

Thanks Bob, you are an inspiration, a lot of my success came after meeting you and re-activating a Send Out Card (SOC) account that I had from 6 or 7 years ago. Everytime I do a deal I use SOC to thank people and put them in my database so now they get something from me 8 times a year. Not sure if that has worked yet, but I have sent a card and brownies to everyone who has given me a referral and I think my business is really blowing up because of that! Thank you Bob Ingram for really showing me the power of a personalized card! I also want to thank you for being an awesome guy and helping me to connect with a lot of the people I now know. Cheers, Brady P.S. I now have to write you a review as I didn't even know we could do this!!!!!!

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