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Kangen Water® is delicious water created from Enagic's innovative water technology. Not only do these devices filter your tap water, but they also produce ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis. These waters can be used for various purposes, including drinking, cooking, beauty, and cleaning.

Kangen Water® also contains various minerals, such as calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Unlike other filtration systems that filter out even helpful minerals, your Enagic® filtration machine will keep these minerals intact. This provides a high-quality water that can be used for many different purposes.

The five types of Enagic® water will give you instant access to all-natural solutions for your entire household. With just a push of a button, you can create water that will help enliven your plants, make an aromatic fragrance, cook a delectable meal, or clean a stubborn stain. Now that's versatility! Each state-of-the-art Enagic® water ionizing machine will not only help you stay hydrated, but will also encourage you to maintain a clean, green home. Take some time to discover what these five remarkable waters can do for your household, and uncover a new world of living in harmony with Nature, thanks to healthy Kangen Water®!

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2 Reviews
Myrlis Conde
Rainier, WA

We love our Kangen Machine! We take really good care of our health, and adding the benefits of Alkaline Water was something we've been wanting to do for quite some time. When we met Sara, we knew we wanted to get our machine from her. She was very helpful and patient in walking us through the process... Kangen Water has so many uses, the list is endless! not only to keep us hydrated, but to clean our produce, clean our house and much more! Thank You So Much Sara!

August 2016

I am thrilled you have Enagic's Kangen Water in your life.

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Love my machine

I love having my Kangen machine. My 10yr old has mentioned that her tummy feels better! All worth it right there. Sara was awesome and helping me do a clean install under my counter too.

July 2016

That warms my heart about your daughter! Thank you!

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2 Reviews



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