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Welcome to Dawns3Gs We offer Elegant, Classy and well designed Lingerie and Skin products. Contact us to schedule an in home party, purchase lingerie or learn more about our skin care products. Glamorous, Gorgeous, Glowing...How every woman should feel!! ABOUT DAWN: I became a Brand Partner with Nerium 2 years ago because I saw a product that was doing what nothing in the market could do, change lives. With scientific data and facts to back an amazing product. I've also seen the results first hand. As for the Lingerie, I see people get so busy with life that they forget about themselves and their spouse/significant other and their relationships. We get married/together because in the beginning there was a spark or something about that person that we were attracted to and somewhere along the way we forget about that. I want to help people get back that feeling or spark and feel good about themselves and their relationship again, whether it be feeling good about yourself on the inside or the outside. Let's get that sexy back with your skin and looking younger, more refreshed or feeling good in a nice Lingerie piece. I am about keeping it real and making people like themselves again. So if your looking to slow down in life, have a date night with your spouse/significant other or energize your brain I have an amazing selection for you. Call or email me to book a party or place an order.


3706 147th St. NW
Gig Harbor, Washington 98332
United States

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Monday - Friday: 9:00AM – 5:00PM Saturday: 9:30AM – 4:00PM Sunday: Closed

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