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The Community Shopper has been in business since 1993 and has helped market many businesses to their immediate local markets. Mailing 5 times per year up to 25,000 homes it is very well branded. The front cover always features a tasteful photo of cute kids guaranteed to catch the eye of just about anyone (but especially the lady of the household). The format promotes long shelf life in the home and repeat exposure of every business in the magazine. The content is always local and a great mixture of several dining choices and other high demand types of professional services.

 Exclusive   advertising of none food-related services. (You won't find four gutter companies or three garage door services as in many of the envelope or checkbook style mailers) so there is more variety in my mix of services. We try not to include businesses that are outside of the area mailed to (unless they are a service business) - We keep it as local-centric as possible. Content is a big factor in differentiating Community Shopper from all the rest. In short, there is more value and worth for residents between the pages of this magazine than in most direct mail publications, and it is a very easy format to use. My rates are 2 to 3 times less than most local adverting and I go to many times the number of addresses. Discounts are given for taking 1 or more issues. Your business will be included with all other advertisers on my website and a site has been developed to send more internet traffic you your website.


10 Reasons to advertise with   Community Shopper Magazine

 1)  Keep Local Business LOCAL

 2) Exclusive Advertising mailed out directly to the Tacoma   or Gig Harbor Area

 3) Reduce Cost to your Customers

4) Create More Local Jobs

 5) Give Better Service

 6) Strengthen Local Economy

7) Investment in Your Community

8) Keep Local Tax’s Local

9) Encourage local Prosperity

 10) Keep the Community Unique


PO Box 684
Washington 98335
United States

Serving North Tacoma / Fircrest / University Place and Gig Harbor

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4 Reviews
Iulian Bodas Iulian Bodas
Lakewood, WA
Family Front Page

If you meet Annie you will become in love with her British accent and You will agree to do some adds in her Community Shopper. She is the best and kind person I ever meet. I want to reach more people in specific areas of my county to promote my new business and Her magazine help me to accomplish this task. She help me to connect with local people and generate more business.

November 2016

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Ted Luna Ted Luna
Tacoma, WA
Expand your Audience

Thank you Community Shopper for assisting me with the business connections I made through your magazine. Annie recommended a business card size ad, and it paid off the second time I was in the magazine. I definitely wouldn't have made the connection I did without you.

April 2016

Thank you for your great review. I really appreciate it.

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Dawn Whitley
Gig Harbor, WA

I just want to say that Annie is an amazing person. I was needing some help with just learning some computer/phone apps and she set aside time out of her schedule to come over to my house and go through things with me and we looked at things together and it was great to get to know her and bond more. I can't thank you enough Annie, you are amazing and a true friend.

November 2015

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4 Reviews



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