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Claudia Prana’s passion lies in helping you free yourself from unnecessary self-defeating thought patterns and self-destructive unconscious behaviors so that you can have the successful career you not only want but deserve. Or, create the mutually supportive relationships you are meant to have.

NLP and Hypnosis (a very mild application of hypnosis) are at the very core of Claudia Prana's work. NLP is the study and application of success methods embedded in every individual's subconscious mind. By decoding this strategy for each of her clients, Claudia Prana has helped many tap into their innate and limitless resources to create their ideal career.

Claudia Prana has helped many free themselves from various addictions as well, be it tobacco or alcohol. She helped many let go of depression and regain happiness. 

"I am passionate about maximizing human potential because success is not only our right; it is our duty to one another."


PO BOX 125, 3703 140 Avenue KP S
3703 140 Avenue KP S
Lakebay, Washington 98349
United States

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Fax: 3059030070

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  • The Power of Intention is a 12-hour one-on-one program.
  • The Power of Manifestation is a 12-hour one-on-one program.
  • The NLP/TLT Experience is a up to 12-hour one-on-one program.
  • As an Ignite-U member, you will receive a 10% discount when you sign-up for any of these programs. If you choose to combine 2 programs, you will receive a 15% discount.

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