Brian Forrest Certified Hand Writing Expert


Brian Forrest delved into the fascinating world of Handwriting Analysis when he was hanging out with a friend of his, who was studying to be a Certified Handwriting Analyst. Brian has/had a voracious appetite for knowledge and this field of study was up his alley. Brian attended a 30-minute introductory class given by his friend and discovered that a complete stranger could tell him about himself with just 30 minutes of instruction. Well, that sparked Brian’s interest in this field. Brian then went on to become Certified himself and now helps others to better themselves and understand the other person in their life.

Handwriting Analysis is a great tool to get to know not only yourself, and others around you. It gives any person a sense of empathy for other people. Handwriting Analysis also helps people get over fears and helps them gain more confidence through changing the way they write the letters.

Handwriting Analysis is a great pre-employment screening tool as well. Because the employer doesn’t deal with any discrimination of any of the applicants. You can not tell race, gender, religion, right/left handedness. What can you tell from handwriting?? Thinking patterns, communication skills, honesty, fulfillment in both the philosophical and physical areas of a person’s life. Issues with the opposite gender. Just to name or list a few traits.


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