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If you could have known me when I was younger, you would have NEVER guessed I'd become a certified health expert.  


From seas of fast-food and hostess treats— to licking table salt off my hands and needing mounds of ketchup alongside everything I consumed. 

Let’s just say I was no poster child for Healthy Adolescent Magazine. Years of insecurities and being bullied led me to years of more insecurities, fake confidence and a very real eating disorder. 

Fast forward some more years and I embarked on diet journey after diet journey. Diet pills, crash diets, “magic” cleanses, the cure all exercise and meal plans with 'guaranteed’ results. You name it — I tried it. Did I lose weight with some of them? Yes. Did I gain most, if not all of it back? -You betcha! 

Meet me now and I’m a Kale crazed truly happy human in a full on love affair with health. And ya know what’s absolutely cuckoo for coco puffs? There is no diet or magic pill involved. 

Years of study, lessons of failure, and endless trials until success is what brought me here. And I’m on a mission. Why? Because I’ve been there. It sucked. It always seemed too hard, too restrictive and too inconvenient. As if I had to choose being healthy or living my life. 

SURPRISE!  — YOU can live your life and be healthy too! As long as YOU truly want it. It really is that simple. 

I’m here to help guide you to living your best life while feeling and looking darn good in the process. I may have learned the hard way, but that doesn’t mean you should go through the same years of shame, guilt, and frustration. 


Bonney Lake, Washington 98391
United States

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