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Dr. Leigh Siergiewicz focuses on long term healthcare for women and families.  Dr. Leigh wants to be the kind of doctor she would have liked to have.  As someone who has suffered from chronic health issues herself, she would have liked to have someone easily accessible and who has enough time to do extra research for patient conditions when necessary.  She limits her patient load so there are no lengthy waits for an appointment and so that she is not overwhelmed with work.  She built her practice around the low stress lifestyle that she wants for herself and her patients.

In Washington state, naturopathic physicians are able to provide a similar scope of practice to traditional MD primary care physicians.  Dr. Leigh is able to write prescriptions for all basic medications (only limit is on controlled substances) as well as order imaging and blood work.  Licensed naturopathic doctors have the most comprehensive integrative medicine training available, with herbal medicine, nutrition, counseling, homeopathy, and a holistic view on health and healing being their focus.  Conventional standards such as medication and surgery are completely acceptable to NDs when used appropriately, it is not an all or nothing approach.

Dr. Leigh has an office in north Tacoma and offers two different payment models.  Traditional fee for service is payment for a single appointment at a time, while Direct Care offers a flat monthly membership fee for all of the support necessary for patients to work toward their health goals.  This is a great model of care for people who want ongoing assistance for chronic health issues or have increasingly common very high deductibles.

Betula is the Latin genus for birch, which has always been Dr. Leigh’s favorite tree.  It can be seen in the moonlight brighter against the other dark trees, traditionally being known as “the way shower” in the forest.

Betula Naturopathic Medicine, PLLC and Dr. Leigh Siergiewicz are out of network for all insurance companies.  Health Savings Accounts (HSA) can be used for most services and superbills can be provided for reimbursement.


2619 N 21st St
Tacoma, Washington 98406
United States

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