Auto Buying Made Easy



Car buying has never been easier w/Barry as Your CAR Broker!

Arrive at the Dealer, walk smartly past gauntlets of salespeople to a car or truck, marked “Sold”, all pre-arranged, get keys and drive away.

Refreshing Huh?
With no waiting, no hassles; in fact it actually is a pleasant, exciting, fun event. Sometimes, I go with you to the dealer, to wave off all the craziness.

Work with me, client needs to curb the emotion, allowme to research for the car, financing and I call them with magic words, “I found your car!”

Buying a vehicle is the 2nd largest purchase, next to your home.
The car/truck purchase will be with intelligent, scientific thought and skills. When you take delivery of the car or truck, I will save as much money as possible.


Gig Harbor, Washington 98332
United States

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