365 Days Sober



365 Days Sober

Creating Healthy Habits and a Positive Attitude …One Step at a Time

I started this to be a support for anyone who has dealt with alcohol in there life. I know many of us have so I hope to provide some light at the end of the tunnel. We are not alone in this battle, I hope this page offers you more than you need to do just that. I also offer one on one mentoring.

Addiction and Pain can go hand in hand

In my case the pain came from moving and my parents getting a divorce.

I didn’t have the tools to recover from it and that’s when I was introduced to tobacco and alcohol. I moved from a huge city to a tiny town, I went from traveling sports teams with full uniforms to a shirt and a hat. I was a lost kid with no one to help me deal with all the issues I had at the time. Does this sound familiar to you? Moving, parents divorce?

I drowned all that pain and my addiction began to both tobacco and alcohol. I can remember both events so vividly as if they happened yesterday. Little did I know they would both change my life forever.

I continued my addiction of dealing with pain until I became sober and it got out of hand when my mom died. I wanted to die myself and was well on my way with drinking heavily daily. I never learned how to deal…I knew more about preparing for a fire drill than how to deal with my own feelings and emotions.

How do you deal with pain in your life even to this day? I do it differently now and still the same in some ways. I fight depression every day, physical and mental pain and live without an addiction to anything.

If you or someone you know is going through this have them contact me and I can help them get on the path to sobriety. Contact: brentlbryant@yahoo.com

I will talk more about this throughout the week.

I care and that’s why I share



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