At a recent Lakewood Chamber event Tod Wolf from Robi's Camera Center made a special offer so people could see just how cool they really are at Robi's.

Here were Tod's instructions:

  1. Go to on your phone
  2. In the upper left select "Online Photo Prints".
  3. Select "Start Photo Print"
  4. Upload any photo from your phone
  5. Then choose whatever size print you want

As a promotional offer he allowed everyone in the room to select any print for free.  Smart cookie.

When you are in the phone app you can see that you can print on any number of cool items.  Or do a bigger print and when you get to the store to pick it up you realize you want it framed because it is so darned cool!!

This also works from your PC but just imagine the possibilities with your phone which in many cases take incredible pictures now.

  • You captured a great shot of your child in a high school basketball game.
  • You snapped a great picture of the Oregon coast when you were on a weekend trip with your sweetie.
  • You captured the Seattle skyline on a sunny day coming in from the Bremerton ferry.
  • You got an amazing picture of your wife at the lighthouse on Vashon Island

In any of these cases you could send it to print within seconds after you actually took the picture!!

I just picked up my picture today.  It was incredible.  I will either have it framed or printed on metal.  Either will look fantastic.  Go try it for yourself.  Just follow the same instructions above. (You just don't get the first one free).

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