Snow, Car Wrecks and Fun at Auto Body Repair Shops in Tacoma

At 5 AM you are not contacting your favorite auto body repair shop as you are thinking about the weather forecast for snow.  It would not  make sense to do so.  "Hello.  I see it is snowing and the radio, TV and Internet say that there are slick roads ahead.  Can I let you know that I am about to get on the road?  I want you to be ready if something should happen.  Can you stand by the phone in case I have an emergency crash?"

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If you think about it, you are wearing dress shoes, have no extra clothes or boots, and no snacks, not even bar of dark chocolate.  Surprisingly, you are willing to take this risk when it is so easy to throw a few extra things in the back of the car.  It takes great faith to simply get in the car, turn the key and press on the gas pedal to go, trusting you will arrive safely at your destination.

You think: "Everyone else drives so badly in the snow.  If only they could drive like me."  Another might be: "It sure is lucky that I bought such a good snow car and I am such a good snow driver.  I can avoid the problems and out smart the snow."

While no one at the auto body repair shop will admit it, I bet they look forward to snow.  When you combine snow with people who have immense faith, stupidity and lack of preparedness... accidents happen, cars crash and business booms for those doing collision repair.

After an accident, if you are blessed to have escaped with no injuries, you will begin the follow up process.  Considering the logistics of an accident, it is a wonder more do not prepare:

auto check

Get out of the car (with anger, sadness and anxiety).

auto checkSlip and slide as you walk ever so slowly.

auto checkauto body repairFind the insurance and registration which were stuffed away.

auto checkPut out your flares, flashing lights and warning flags.

auto checkTalk calmly to other parties that were involved.

auto checkCall the police.

auto checkauto body repairAfterwards you will dwell on the possible ticket.

auto checkCall the insurance company.

auto checkLook under the seat for food or snacks that you forgot to pack.

auto checkCall your destination and report, "Someone else caused a car wreck and I will be late."

auto checkLook carefully at the damage to your car and what you hit (or what hit you).

auto checkTake photos.

auto checkWrite down the information of other drivers or property owners on scrap paper and store it safely.

auto checkWait between every step.

auto checkCall a tow truck .  (In snow you are most likely stuck.) 

auto checkContact the auto body repair shop where you will have the car towed.

auto checkWait for the tow truck in the cold.

auto checkContact your emergency buddy.  You need a ride after all.  (Or call a taxi company.)

auto checkWait for the ride.

At every step you realize how many others are holding up your progress.  More people than just you is impacted. 

The next day you have it easy. (Not.)  You will have to rent a car and visit the collision center where your car will be repaired. You might need a doctor and you will certainly have accident reports to complete and diagrams to draw.

Unfortunately you may need to have a few bids or you will wait for the insurance adjuster to take more photos and estimate the damage.

auto body repairIt seems pretty clear by now that an advance phone call would serve you well.

Get ready now.  It is as easy as a phone call, an email or even a social media contact with a auto body shop.  If you don't know who to call, here is the best auto body repair service in Tacoma.  You will want to ask for Kevin.

Key questions to ask now... not after the accident: 

  • Do you help with towing?
  • Do you help me with a ride?
  • Do you help me with insurance?
  • Do you help with a rental car?
  • What about the estimates?  How does that work?  How long does it take?
  • What is your average turn time for repairing a car?
  • Do you have the latest tools and equipment?
  • Will you handle the finer details of auto body repair?
  • What is the structure of your parts ordering system?  How long does it take?
  • How can I authorize repairs to my vehicle without visiting your shop?
  • Do I need to get 3 estimates?
  • Do you offer a warranty on auto body repairs?
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
  • Who do I pay my deductible to?

Kevin will know the answer to other questions you have not yet considered.

If you decide to be brave and take the risk, you will need someone in your corner who cares about your welfare.

Center Collision is located in Tacoma, Washington and has many rave reviews.  You can learn more about Center Collision and be prepared here:

Visit Center Collision.

auto body repair

Stay home when it snows or make the call now to make life easier later.

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18 Dec 2012

By Michael Hartzell