How Did You Come Up With That? Evolution of a Logo: Face Card

Some businesses are great at what they do. Creative License Studios is one of them. If you need business portraits, videography, and interactive marketing, these are the professionals you want.

Because they are so good, they are in demand. Therefore, when they needed a logo for their new business project, they grabbed a decorative font, typed the name, and moved onto their marketing plan.

The project logo really needed to reflect the same high quality work as Creative License Studios.

Original logo

Original Face Card logo

What is a Face Card? In a nutshell, the Face Card is the low-tech door to the high-tech business story–a business card with a QR code links to video of the business owner’s compelling business story. It’s a great tool for networking. It’s a lovely marriage of low and high tech.

Developing the logo. The original font was bold but hard to read. However, the smiley face in the original font was quite cute. I knew I had to keep that, which meant there would be some cohesion between the old and new logos.

During my brainstorming, I jotted down everything I could think of. I kept going back to the name–face…card. That’s when i realized, I just need to use the smiley face text and somehow emulate a card/piece of paper. One of my favorite logos came to mind–Clampitt Paper, the paper people. I love the literal, cartoon translation of that tagline. I wanted to do something like it. However, it couldn’t be quite so whimsical because the card needed to remain very professional and not clash with other potential logos that may be used on the Face Card (some clients would be including their business logo on the Face Card). That’s when it occurred to me to simply bend the corner of the “business card” to help identify it as a card and as paper. Cute but subtle and tasteful.

I chose the font combination to merge the idea of “old school” and modern. This particular serif font mimics old typewriters; although, it is not monospaced. Typewriters, like business cards, are old school but still important today. The typewriter’s and computer’s keyboard, for example, still use the the same letter placement and many of the same key combinations (like shift + letter produces a capital letter). The thin, sans serif font is a nice contrast to the Face Card font and offers a sleek representation of the more technological aspect of the Face Card.

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New Face Card logo and business card

By Fat Dog Creatives, Rhonda Wood Negard

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21 Apr 2016

By Rhonda Negard