Local Directory Listing Tips

Here you will find a very simple checklist which includes tips for adding your business to a local directory such as IgniteU365.com:

  1. Be consistent. Keep your address, phone number, and business name the same on each directory, as variations could result in duplicate listings.
  2. Keep a master record. Create a Word document or spreadsheet that lists each of your local directory listings. This provides a record that you can maintain and update as needed.
  3. Be thorough. Make each listing as complete as possible. This helps ensure prospective customers will do business with you, as opposed to a competitor that does not offer such details. Make sure to include:
    • Business name and logo;
  4. Physical address;
    • Hours of operation;
    • Parking availability;
    • Business Description;
    • Types of services or products offered;
    • Photos of the business.
    • Video of business (where applicable)
    • Include a Deal – People love deals (not all directories offer this option)
  5. Trust but verify.  Hopefully you are working with a platform and team which cares and will filter the garbage, predators and con artists from the system.  An unmonitored directory site can do more harm than good.

Most directory websites are simply a database with basic information.  These can be helpful but they do not always offer integration with social media, videos, and graphics or have flexibility for content.  There may be a frustration since directories can be mostly automated non-human websites.  For basic functions, these types of directories acceptable but people searching are looking for ways to make the best decision possible. 

If you have an opportunity to list a business on a directory which not only lists your business but is mission driven, then you are adding your business in a place of passion, heart and soul.  There are many reasons people are searching.  They search because they want to buy, learn, research reviews or share a comment and know that it matters.

IgniteU365.com is a website which lists businesses but also offers helpful articles, classifieds and has a mission.  IgniteU365's vision to connect communities with events is now in its 3rd year.  There is a high priority to give support to those businesses which realize the importance of the community connection.

IgniteU365 is a directory and community connector.  It provides users an easy way to find local businesses, classifieds, deals and events.  Information for local businesses includes maps, reviews, phone numbers, and more.

Follow the tips above, stick with companies which have a mission to stay connected and help the community.  You will have an advantage vs. those who are doing the tasks without the heart.

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24 Jan 2013

By IgniteU365