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How to Write Articles That Matter to Get More Readers

by Michael Hartzell on

After writing diligently the question may come up: "why aren't people reading my articles?" If this is the case for you, consider these thoughts:... Read full article

Tips for Choosing a Business Location in Tacoma

by Michael Hartzell on

Starting a business in Tacoma may begin in your garage or your business plan may include finding a location. Here are tips for finding a business location in Tacoma (or whichever town you might find interesting).... Read full article

Snow, Car Wrecks and Fun at Auto Body Repair Shops in Tacoma

by Michael Hartzell on

Complications begin at 5 AM when you get up early to listen to the radio. They said it was going to snow. The last place you want to visit is the auto body repair shop. There is s checklist you must go through to reduce the risk of having a wrec... Read full article

Yelp 101 — Fast tips to get started with Yelp for your Business

by Dani Smith, Pixel Dust Productions on

Ok … so what is Yelp? Yelp is a local review site that helps peo­ple find and pro­vide infor­ma­tion about local businesses.... Read full article